Below are some common FAQ of our clients before purchasing our meals, if you have other questions, please just send it to


Step 1. Create an account Step 2. Look at menu Step 3. Order how ever many meals you want (Min of 5) Step 4. Check out Step 5. Smile and then repeat next week
We currently deliver to Fort Wayne and the surrounding areas with a few exceptions. Feel free to message us if you want to request that we deliver to your area!
You should expect variations every month. We will have a wide variety of menu items up every week so that you have a variety of the food that you want.
We currently offer a wide range of discounts. Message us for further details. Some examples: student, law enforcement, senior citizen, and PFW discount. Also, if you get another member to sign up you get $20 off your order!
Order as many meals as you want with a minimum of 5
Of course! If there is something you would like us to hold back in your meal (e.g. onions) just let us know! We want this meal plan to work for your taste.
Yes! We aim to have at least one keto-friendly meal on every menu. Our Build a Meal option can also be used to create keto-friendly meals. We can also take special requests on any of our entrees.
Each meal will be different depending on what you order. We recommend eating the salads earlier in the week, but they can last the full week. All meals have been tested and will last through the week. Meals can also be frozen for later consumption.
Yes! We aim to have at least one vegetarian meal on every menu. For example, our Buddha bowl or green stir fry. You can also ask us to substitute meat for more sides on any of our entrees
Yes! We aim to have at least one vegan option on every menu (e.g. Buddha bowl with lemon pepper vinaigrette). You can also make special requests on any of our meals!

You are not required to tip but it is encouraged smile

We recommend initially microwaving it for a minute and then add more time based on preference. We understand that each customer is different.
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